Offer for Artists

Cooperation offer.

Because of our extensive experience with paintings, photography and sketches we offer special terms of service for Artists which would like to make a stronger mark in the world of art.
Artists have the possibility to sell their work on BOSZart website as well as ordering exclusively for their own needs.
We offer art and photography print for exhibitions and openings.
For Artists working with BOSZart we offer only the highest quality of prints while using only original inks and mediums. By this way we guarante that the printed works will maintain their qualities for decades of showing in enclosed environments.
We believe that our offer and quipmnet will satisfy even the most demanding professionals.
We accept PDF, TIFF and EPS files either on e-mail or FTP server.
Test prints for accept are included in the price in case of art and photography print.
Because the services we provide are far from usual please contact us so we can determine individual terms of service.